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Har qisam ki bandish ka torr / Breaking every type disaster done by black magic (Eng & Urdu)
Sometimes jealous people who cannot bear success of others do black magic/ Bandish/ Jadu on people’s children, business, proposals of girl’s marriages etc for closure and destroying of them. If you are facing these problems, ask for help of ALLAH AZZAWAJAL with this wazifa(worship), IN SHA ALLAH, Quran Pak say rohani ilaj, Quran Pak sy Ilaj, Quran Pak sy Noori Ilaj.
AZZAWAJAL you will get rid of these problems. This wazifa is very
effective for breaking every type of closure/ bandish/ Jadu. Kala jadu amliyat ka tor, kala jadoo ka tor, kala jadu removal, rohani istikhara center, Free rohani ilaj. Istikhara online free services.

English explanation:
-What you have to do is to read following after Fajr prayer:-
*.Darood sharif (11times)
*.Surah Muzammil (Onetime)
*.Surah Kafiroon, Surah Ikhlas, Surah Falaq, Surah Wannas & Ayat-al-Kursi (11 times each)
*.Darood sharif (11times)

After reading all above blow on some water and say the suffering person, girl, or boy to drink some
of water and leave some water. Then wash hands and face with all of remaining water. Continue this for 11 days.
IN SHA ALLAH AZZAWAJAL after 11 days all problem/ bandish/ magic/ Jadu will be removed.
NOTE: - Make it sure that the holy water should not come under feet of people. So, do this all in plant bed so that water is absorbed in earth.

Urdu explanation:
-Aksar auqat hasad karne wale logon se dusron ki taraqqi bardasht nahi hoti or wo dusron par jadu/ taweezat k zarye bandish lagwa dete hen jesa keh Karobari bandish, larkion ki shadi men rukawat, parhai men rukawat waghera....Is k lye is asan wazifa k zarye ALLAH PAK se madad mangen
IN SHA ALLAH AZZAWAJAL ap ko nijat mil jaye gi.Har qisam ki bandish door karne k lye ye amal la jawab ha.
Ap ko yeh karna ha k 11 din tak rozana Fajr ki namaz k bad yeh prhen: -
*.Surah Muzammil ( One 1 Martaba)
*.Charon qul or Ayat-al-Kursi (Har aik 11 Martaba)
*.Awal akhir 11 bar darood sharif

Yeh sab parhne k bad pani par dam kar len or jis par bandish ho wo is men se pye is niyat se k us par jo
bhi bandish ha ALLAH PAK use khatam farma de. Kuch pani bacha le or is bachay hue se apna
mun or hath dhoye.
IN SHA ALLAH AZZAWAJAL 11 din k amal se ap ki tamam bandish khatam ho jaye gi.
Note: - Yad rakhen k pani zameen par peron men na aye.Is k lye ap yeh amal kyari waghera k pas Karen take pani
kyari men jazab ho jaye

Guide you and all my Muslim brothers and sisters to do what Is best for them. Alhamdulillah I have been guiding (helping) people since 30 years. Duniya ka har neya kam shuru karney say pahley apna istikhara karwayeh apkey burge or sitarey kya kahtey ha? ap kay liyeh kounsa din mahina or sal behtar raheyga? rishto may bandish,dil pasand shadi,gharelo masail,karobar,oulad,beroney mulk safar may rukawat, mia bewi may nachaki,tamam masail ka hal quran-e-ayaat or ilmay ramal say kiyah jata ha.duniya kay har kisam kay masley kay liyeh hum say rabta karey, kameyabi apka muqadar hogi (inshallah).

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